Grading at TheFightLab MMA & Muay Thai, Huddersfield

Our grading syllabus incorporates traditional Muay Thai techniques including the Ram Muay Thai with the addition of submission grappling techniques both standing and on the floor. Each grade is awarded with a coloured Prajioud, the traditional arm band of Muay Thai. Grades are awarded not just on demonstration of syllabus, but on consistent hard work in training & competition.

Top Tips

1. You don’t train enough?

Being regular in your training is so important in terms of progressing. A grade promotion comes when you are able to demonstrate skills required to obtain the next grade over a consistent period of time. If you are not regular there is no way to have you evaluated.

2. Being a ‘belt hunter’ or obsessed with being promoted to the next grade?

A big No No is to openly ask your instructor for a grade. It raises a massive red flag for your instructor that you are only interested in being promoted so you can brag about your level instead of being interested in all the other aspects of the art. Don’t be obsessed with grade and enjoy the journey.

3. You constantly make the same mistakes

Bad habits should be neutralised right at the start. This is why yellow to green prajiouds are the most difficult to obtain, due to the learning curb. Focus and apply what you are being taught.

4. You’re a ‘one trick pony’ or not well rounded?

Everyone has there favourite technique, but is also can mean that you are not focusing enough on everything else your instructor is teaching you. It can be a strong signal that you are basically ignoring him or not paying enough attention to what he is teaching and still focusing on working only on that one specific technique.