Self Defence in Huddersfield

Street Self Defence training Friday 7.30pm at TheFightLab at Urban Fitness & Combat in Huddersfield. Beginners welcome! Cobra Self Defence certified

MMA, Muay Thai, K1 Kickboxing, ShootBoxing in Huddersfield


7.30pm – #ShootBoxing #MuayThai #K1Kickboxing

8.30pm – #MMA #

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Based at Urban Fitness & Combat in #huddersfield

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Shoot-Boxing in Huddersfield. Muay Thai, K1 Kickboxing, Wrestling freestyle

Shoot-Boxing is a combat sports promotion originating in Japan in the mid 1980s. Shoot-Boxing allows the striking of Muay Thai & K1 Kickboxing, the clinch & throwing techniques of wrestling & JuJitsu as well at standing submissions such as chokes & armlocks. The only stipulation is that all techniques have to be executed while standing. This style lends itself to not just competing in Shoot-Boxing competition, but also Muay Thai, K1 Kickboxing & Sanda. We train Wednesdays & Saturdays at TheFightLab at Urban Fitness & Combat in Huddersfield

Next class, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Next class, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tuesday 8-10pm. Taught SBG UK coach Mark ‘Spenna’ Spencer.

Spenna is not only 2018 Ultra Heavyweight BJJ Champion but coach to the UK MMA team so he is arguably the most accomplished BJJ black belt teaching in the Huddersfield area.

Beginners welcome

Warrior Fitness

Warrior Fitness class tonight 7.45pm

Combat themed circuit training consisting of cardio, kettle bell training, bench pressing, TRX trainer, Swiss ball, step ups etc..

Beginners welcome & no experience necessary. TheFightLab is based at Urban Fitness & Combat in Huddersfield