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The Japanese Kickboxing Shoot Boxing are covered within our MMA classes.

Shoot Boxing is a unique style of kickboxing popular in Japan that combines the best of Muay Thai, K1 Kickboxing, Karate, and Boxing, with clinch, standing submissions such as chokeholds & armlocks. All applied from a standing position.

Creating energy and focus in our busy and fast paced world is an increasing challenge. We know that good quality exercise can make all the difference in putting a spring in our step, a smile on our face giving us the energy and confidence to excel in life.

However, many exercise programs can be uninspiring and difficult to follow. For this reason and many more Shoot Boxing can be a game changer in helping you create a healthy, energised lifestyle.

Our interactive and engaging group classes are fun, challenging and ever changing. The focus on learning and skills development mean your mind is inspired and motivated and rather than fitness being the focus it is instead a natural by product of your learning and growth.

Our members come to us for all sorts of reasons so whether you want get fit, lose weight and take on a new challenge or you are looking to progress to competition and championship gold you will find the positive environment and expert guidance to achieve your goals.


Kokoro is a concept that crosses through many martial arts, but has no single discrete meaning. Literally translating as "heart", in context it can also mean "character" or "attitude." It is often said that the art of martial arts is for self-defence; not injuring one's opponent is the highest expression of the art. Some popularly repeated quotes implicating this concept include.

"The ultimate aim lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants."

Gichin Funakoshi


Our syllabus "old-school tough", effective, unique, ever changing, and fun. We are progressive & don't use outdated training methods such as Kata/Forms & training technique against a static/passive training partner. Instead we focus on Boxing style padwork, bagwork, Dutch glove style partner training & sparring.

The Kyu grade system is a distinctive feature of our Freestyle syllabus with promotion to different coloured belts based on technical ability, knowledge and application within MMA sparring both standing & on the ground. Although there is no competition requirement in the Kyu grade system there is a progressively harder structured sparring element based on application of skills learned, also; students are expected to recap previous grading as they progress. This maintains knowledge and also provides good practice. It is recommended that students practice at home as well as lesson time.

To pass gradings:

  1. All techniques have to be performed with balance
  2. All techniques have to be performed with strength