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Taught within our JKD syllabus, we teach a freestyle 'stick boxing' syllabus drawing predominantly from a streamlined version of Inosanto/Lacoste Kali devised for US military & law enforcement by Guro Paul Vunak, but also employs methods from additional systems.

This highly efficient martial art is a weapons based martial art that extends all of its techniques to empty hand. It is devastatingly effective with its no-nonsense approach to dealing with an attacker that is armed or unarmed. Many times, the limbs of the opponent are targeted for destruction in a bid to render their ability to attack further limited or useless. This concept is known as ‘de-fanging the snake’ and has proven to be highly effective. Kali is highly regarded as a practical and effective martial art and is used by military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world today.

All ranges and combat are covered in this art including weaponry, striking, grappling and joint locking. Some of the weapons which are taught in this style include;

  • Single stick
  • Bladed weapons such as machete and knife
  • Inanimate objects such as a pen, hammer or flashlight
  • Empty hand 'dirty boxing' (Pangamut)


Kali employs various self-perfection training drills which are extremely useful in developing attributes such as sensitivity, speed, timing, line familiarisation and target acquisition.