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Our junior classes teach striking, clinch and ground n pound skills for any child wanting to learn MMA as well as practical street based Self Defence techniques. We’re helping 9-12yrs of all and abilities learn how to strike and defend themselves from any position. Our training martial arts covers key aspects of MMA &  JKD Concepts and give kids access to hands-on instruction in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Kids Martial Arts program focuses on the values that kids need the most:

  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Confidence

We teach these values through exciting high energy classes and have witnessed the transformation of our students as they grow through our system.


Punches, kicks, elbows, knees from the south east asian style Kickboxing styles of Muay Thai & Pangamut aka Panantukan (Filipino Boxing).


Clinch, throws & takedowns & ground 'n' pound from Shoot/Submission Grappling & Jiu Jitsu.

Our training was created as a result of nearly 20 years experience in Japanese & Southeast Asian martial arts. The style is licensed & recognised in the UK with the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association. We train a unique, Ring & MMA cage tested no holds barred fighting system of offensive and defensive methods, putting equal emphasis on striking, wrestling and physical conditioning.

Our Martial Arts classes for kids are packed with other great benefits for your kids, too! Just take a look:

  • Greater concentration that leads to improved school grades and behavior

  • Awareness of and respect for others

  • A fun fitness program that encourages a healthy lifestyle

  • Bully-prevention skills that will keep your child safe

  • Improved Confidence

  • Better Habits in both school and at home

Our interactive and engaging group classes are fun, challenging and ever changing. The focus on learning and skills development mean your mind is inspired and motivated and rather than fitness being the focus it is instead a natural by product of your learning and growth.

Our members come to us for all sorts of reasons so whether you want get fit, lose weight and take on a new challenge or you are looking to progress to competition you will find the positive environment and expert guidance to achieve your goals.