Filipino Kick-Boxing at TheFightLab

FightLab Filipino Kick-Boxing is our MMA syllabus at TheFightLab, and is based on the empty hand aspect of Filipino Kali, Panantukan. Filipino Boxing is closely related to Muay Thai, Lethwei & Silat, however containing ground fighting as well. This makes Filipino Kick-Boxing ideal for anyone wanting to train for MMA or Muay Thai competitions as well as self defence.

FightLab Filipino Kick-Boxing is a fighting system with no limits. It contains techniques such as joint locks, punches with the fists, palms strikes & slaps, finger strikes to the eyes, forearms strikes, headbuts, elbow strikes, biting, knee-strikes and kicks. All either standing or on the ground. We practice with or without boxing gloves, which is particularly appealing for self defence training.

The main components of FightLab Filipino Kick-Boxing are:

  • Hubud Lubud (Sensitivity Drills)
  • Transitional Drills (Trapping/Gunting)
  • Southeast Asian Style Kick-Boxing Skills
  • Ground-Fighting
  • Sparring (Putting it all together)

As an official 'Rapid Assault Tactics' school we also incorporate R.A.T into our Filipino Boxing syllabus, the fight system created for the US Navy SEALS, based of Filipino Kali & Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts.