Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport not an actual martial art. It allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. There are the 3 phases (ranges) of combat into a single fighting sport. Like it’s ancestral art of Pankration, it requires the practitioner to use ‘All Powers’ including striking & footwork from Boxing and Kickboxing, Clinch techniques from Muay Thai and Wrestling & Ground fighting & Submissions from Wrestling. Taking these multi-dimensional principles and creating a complete form of fighting.

Training revolves around 3 particular ranges and scenarios:

  • Stand-up – offense/defense. Learn to incorporate your stand-up striking skills to initiate your MMA strategy or counter your opponents strategy.
  • Clinch– offense/defense. Learning to use, as well as defend against takedowns and strikes in MMA. (from outside range & against the wall)
  • Ground– grappling training with modified strategies that the element of striking brings unto the wrestling ground game.

No experience necessary. The classes are for all levels. 

The Instructor


  • 1st Degree, Red Prajioud (Instructor) in Muay Thai
  • Cobra Self Defence certified instructor
  • Cobra Martial Arts Association approved
  • Member of the National Black Belt Register

Other styles studied

  • MMA
  • Japanese Ju-Jitsu
  • Filipino Boxing
  • Keysi/Defence Lab
  • JKD






Class Prices

Adults classes: £6 each
£10 for a 2 class session

Adults Open Mat: £3.50 each

Kids classes: £4 each

Private Class Prices

Up to 4 people: £30 per hour

Seminar prices available on request

Part of the Police Martial Arts Organisation

Police Martial Arts is open to all Police Officers as we think it is imperative that they keep on  top of both their physical skills and fitness levels. However many don't feel that they can maintain a regular training regime at a set club due to shift patterns. This scheme will allow them to train at any CMAA registered club at a discount, at a time that suits them as membership is direct with the CMAA rather than any specific club.

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