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Kickboxing your way to weight-loss

One of the things you often hear is that 95% of weight loss attempts fail long-term. Discouraging number? But still, it leaves us with the idea that only 5% of fat people are able to leave their weight behind and get to a healthy body size. When weight loss failure numbers are presented (generally 80-95% failure) “success” doesn’t mean achieving “normal weight” – permanently. If the average company had a 95% failure rate on there product, they would go out of business. However in the diet industry, failure means success, as people will return to there front door looking for a quick fix to there weightloss issues.

The healthiest, most long lasting way to weighloss is through a combination of exercise and diet.

Weight loss is simple. In theory. If the energy you intake (food) each day adds up to less than the energy output (exercise, digesting food, tapping your fingers etc) then you will lose weight. 

Despite Kickboxings fearsome reputation in the world of martial arts, when it comes to entry level participating it is actually a buzzing community full of people of all ages, background and ability. It is a myth that the only people who practice Muay Thai boxing are fighters. The vast majority learn for fitness, weight control and self-protection purposes. The training is intense but it is worth the physical investment. Every session you will build on what you have learned previously. Even if you were to change nothing else about your life, just by taking up Muay Thai you will automatically increase energy output creating an energy deficit meaning weight loss will occur (unless you are putting away some serious calories every day). Combined with sensible eating, adding Muay Thai into the mix can lead to significant changes in body composition.

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