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R.A.T - Jeet Kune Do/Kali Self Defence

You may have seen a more theatrical version of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali being used to great effect in movies such as The Book of Eli and the Jason Bourne series.
Off screen Bruce Lee had not only a philosophical viewpoint but a conceptual one too, the concept of intercepting an opponent on the first motion being the very name of his art Jeet Kune Do or Intercepting Fist Way! Interception is one of many concepts or ideals employed in JKD in conjunction with its philosophy and attributes.
The Filipino art of Kali has its own concepts, some shared with JKD others peculiar to that art.
Looking for similarities in the way others approach martial art would help in discovering the "essence" of those particular branches of martial art.
Intercepting would take away the necessity of waiting to see which technique was to be used in a confrontational attack and then having to pick out the correct (sometimes a choice of many) response. Rapid Assault Tactics work with concepts from both JKD and Filipino Kali.

  • You will work in all areas of combat with and without weapons and against multiple opponents.
  • You will be welcomed as a beginner, intermediate or experienced martial artist.
  • Learn personal protection.