This weeks training schedule

This week we’ll be carrying on with our syllabus work in readiness for grading. We also have a guest instructor on Friday. Iain Wallace from Rapid Arnis, who will be teaching Filipino boxing (Panantukan) & Grappling (Dumog). At TheFightLab we train a self defence orientated blend of Muay Thai, Filipino Boxing & Grappling. We train MMA & Muay Thai style sparring as well as weapons sparring to hone our skills in a live situation.

Filipino Martial Arts Seminar

Friday 11h we have a guest instructor Iain Wallace from Rapid Arnis. We’ll be working on Panantukan (Filipino dirty Boxing) and Dumog (standing grappling) also looking at some knife fighting applications. 7.30pm start a Urban Fitness & Combat in

Training Defence Concepts (DefCon)

At TheFightLab we practice an eclectic self protection system that draws from southeast Asian martial arts and jujitsu. We train for both street and sport application, standing and on the ground. We train technique, street scenario style training and MMA style sparring. We train 3 nights per week, plus a kids class. We are licensed and regulated by the Cobra Martial Arts Association – CMAA and Cobra Self Defence.


Self protection training 

Public Self Protection Training. Defence Concepts (DefCon) self defence system.

Tuesday evenings at Urban Fitness & Combat in #Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Private & corporate training also available.
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Kids Classes

Kids Martial Arts huddersfield

Kids KickJitsu. MMA & Self defence skills
Saturdays 10am at Urban Fitness & Combat in Huddersfield

Self Defence Concepts Class

Self Defence Huddersfield

Next class!

Self Defence Concepts at TheFightLab

Tuesdays 7.45pm £6

Based at Urban Fitness & Combat

Lockwood, Huddersfield

Self Protection Training

Self defence Huddersfield

Self Defence ConceptsWe know that martial arts can deliver self-defence skills however this class is focused on exactly that. The fluff and traditional elements of martial arts have been stripped away to provide functionality. There is no “wax on and wax off” here. It is just a functional and modern system. Our training consists of:

  • Technique drilling
  • Pressure testing
  • Controlled sparring with protective equipment
  • Street scenario training 
  • Knowledge of self defence law

Tuesdays 7.45pm

At Urban Fitness & Combat in Huddersfield

Women in Muay Thai 

Trying to encourage more women to take up Muay Thai Boxing! •Lose weight •Get fit •Learn self defence!

Classes in Lockwood, Huddersfield

Women Muay Thai Boxing Huddersfield

Women Muay Thai Boxing Huddersfield