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Rapid Assault Tactics Huddersfield

What is so special about the Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT)?

Created for US Special Forces and elite law enforcement by world renowned Jeet Kune Do & Kali instructor, Sifu Paul Vunak. RAT has grown into one of the most effective self defence systems.

Created to be simple and effective in the most difficult situations. The RAT focuses on making a few skills work in all situations and not having to learn a 1000 moves.

Incorporating Bruce Lee’s original Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Kali & other martial arts. The RAT uses the most effective tools on the body to engage an attacker. Headbutts, Knees & Elbows all used in clinching and trapping range.

Most combat sports and Martial arts stop in the clinch range or bypass it to move into grappling.

When people attack each other to hurt each other they clinch. If you control the head you control the body. This is why the RAT works the clinch so much.

Kali is a fantastic martial art as is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Navy seals, of course, do not have a lifetime to become masters in these arts.

Paul Vunak took the most important concepts of these arts. He used them to make the RAT effective in all areas of fighting.

Defanging the snake for weapons. This means attacking the hand holding the weapon not getting into a star wars style fight.

Kino Muti for grappling, the Filipino martial art of biting and eye gouging.

Warrior Fitness

Warrior Fitness class tonight 7.45pm

Combat themed circuit training consisting of cardio, kettle bell training, bench pressing, TRX trainer, Swiss ball, step ups etc..

Beginners welcome & no experience necessary. TheFightLab is based at Urban Fitness & Combat in Huddersfield