Muay Thai tonight

Muay Thai tonight

7.30pm – Fundamentals

8.30pm – Intermediate, Sparring & Muay Boran

Based at @urban_fitness_and_combat_hudd

MMA with BJJ Black belt Mark Spencer

MMA at TheFightLab with BJJ Black belt & UK Brazilian JiuJitsu Champion Mark Spencer.

Tuesdays class will focus on NoGi Brazilian jiu-jitsu as appertains to MMA.

8pm start. Based at Urban Fitness & Combat

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Muay Thai tonight

Muay Thai tonight at TheFightLab

We have interclub competitions coming up, so anyone wanting to fight needs to come down.

7.30pm – Fundamentals
8.30pm – Intermediate

MMA Tonight

MMA tonight at TheFightLab
We have 2 fighters fighting C-class MMA next month, so fight prep starts tonight. We’re going to be working on a lot of takedown defence & closed guard submissions. Bring sparring kit. Beginners welcome.

Muay Thai tonight!

Tonight we’ll be working on:

  • Fight prep & ring-craft for Saturday
  • Fitness
  • Clinch
  • Kick catching

7.30pm – Fundamentals – £6
8.30pm – Intermediate – £6
Both classes £10
Suitable for beginners.