Filipino Boxing/JKD Concepts (Self Defence)

We teach realistic ‘pressure tested’ Self Defence Martial Arts focused on Filipino ‘Dirty’ Boxing (Pangamut) & modern MMA. No ‘secret techniques’ or ‘mystical chi powers’ just tried & tested street combatives trained against a resisting partner. 

Our adult belt program, overseen by The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association, is a unique blend of techniques and elite, old school fitness. This program is designed for those interested in achieving black belt – where they’ll learn strikes, ground techniques, and how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Bag, pad, and partner drills and MMA sparring is incorporated into the ever evolving curriculum as well.

  •  tried & tested syllabus that has been tested within within amateur MMA & Muay Thai.
  • It is a highly effective SELF-DEFENCE system that improves your FITNESS: muscle strength and speed enabling you to react faster in life-threatening situations and CONFIDENCE: just walking in a more positive manor can deter an attacker.
  • It is an intense cardio vascular, calorie burning workout that reduces stress, high blood pressure, and resting heart rate whilst increasing lung function and aerobic capacity.
  • Training with us will not only train your body but also your mind and the requirement of mental activation helps to improve your focus and concentration.
  • Our training focuses on real-life, street-proven self-defence techniques.
  • Our training syllabus incorporates Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T), a form of Jeet Kune Do Concepts originally created for US law enforcement by Sifu Paul Vunak.
  • We teach de-escalation/avoidance tactics, unarmed and armed assaults, multiple opponent strategies, and defence against weapons.
  • Trained to overcome and compensate for injuries or shock during an attack so you can still get away safely.
  • For MEN and WOMEN classes are fun and friendly.

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