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TheFightLab is Huddersfield's premier reality based self defence venue and we have experience training both the public, security & police staff. Unlike many traditional martial arts, Defence Concepts is designed to be usable immediately without years of honing. We practice an eclectic syllabus incorporating Muay Thai Boxing, Filipino Boxing technique (Panantukan), Grappling & weapons defence.

The only way to practice realistic self defence is pressure tested against a resisting opponent, so you gain a first hand experience of not only what really happens when you do the techniques, but you get used to dealing with a certain amount of pressure, tension and aggression. Doing a thing against resistance is completely different than cooperative work. We teach no sport applications, just realistic scenario training and controlled sparring with protective equipment. The basic principles of our syllabus is threat neutralisation using simultaneous defensive and offensive manoeuvres and aggression. We have a systematic, simple, functional and effective approach to learning and deploying martial skills when it matters most.

  • Scenario based tactical training
  • Live free sparring
  • Defending unarmed attacks (punches, strikes and kicks)
  • Releases from grabs and hold
  • Defending armed attacks and threats (knives and sharp objects, sticks, bars and other blunt objects)
  • Dealing with the above attacks when delivered from different directions, positions and postures, when performed by a single or multiple attackers and occurring in all possible locations and environments
  • Physical conditioning
  • Physical and mental control and disarm

"Created & developed for the street"

Fundamental concepts of our curriculum

  • Cardio vascular fitness – Aerobic and anaerobic fitness can make or break a fight
  • External awareness to the environment – Where am I, what is happening?
  • Threat assessment – Is this situation annoying or dangerous?
  • Accessing external resources – Can I find help nearby and/or quickly leave and get to safety?
  • Adrenaline/stress – How can I manage physiological and emotional arousal and not “shut down”?
  • Threat management – What is the best option to keep me safe? Can I move to safety, can I verbally set limits or self advocate? Is physical resistance an option?
  • Body boundaries – How close is someone getting/are they breaching the norms of social behaviour?
  • Communication skills – How can I use words and nonverbal communication to say what I mean clearly and powerfully?

"Develop the skillsets for learning how to fight & survive in sport, in a street fight, or in a life or death situation"

This training will provide students with an efficient and effective means of recognising danger, addressing it immediately, and neutralising the threat quickly by focusing on the vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body.  Through hard work and dedicated training, students will develop the physical ability to defend themselves, along with an increased mental strength, self-confidence, and the mindset necessary to survive a violent attack, by whatever means necessary. We teach a modern self defence system which is both practical and effective. It is designed for everyday people, the techniques do not rely on physical strength. We teach a modern self defence system which is both practical and effective. It is designed for everyday people, the techniques do not rely on physical strength.

  • Techniques that have been proven to work in real world situations.
  • Learn self defence and improve your fitness at the same time!
  • Relatively quick to learn as it is based on natural body responses and movements.
  • Learn in a friendly and safe training environment, with an approachable, qualified instructor.

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"Realistic knife defence that works"


Knife Defence

  • 65% of people who carry knives have their weapons used against them.
  • 10% of 11-12 year olds and 24% of 15 and 16 year olds said they had carried a weapon in the past year.
  • In 2004 more than 20 teenagers died as a result of knife attacks in the UK – that’s almost one teenager every two weeks.

Common sense tells us that knife fighting is dangerous. Solid knife defence skills first require a basic understanding of how you get wounded by a knife attack the severity. Then we look at how the person uses or holds the knife, because if they repeatedly stab as apposed to slash, a puncture wound can penetrate the flesh and severe and damage internal organs and thus be fatal.

We have four moves to effectively disarm any extreme close range knife attack. They are:
1. Grab
2. Close
3. Takedown/Lock
4. Escape

Attacks are not just with knives, but with a wide variety of edged weapons: screw driver, syringe, broken bottle, a shard of glass, a shank in a custody environment, and anything else that can cut or stab. Knowing how to survive these gruesome tools is vital.

Reality based live sparring

We can't totally emulate the chaos of a street fight, but this is as close as it gets. Our syllabus and we’ll teach you all the basics, with punches, knees and kicks, clinching and grappling techniques, throws, locks, chokes and immobilisations. We teach an association approved grading syllabus incorporating striking, takedowns and ground fighting. Our syllabus is approved and overseen by the Cobra Martial Arts Association. Our school’s focus is to provide a comfortable and friendly facility to allow the people to develop their Martial Arts creativity and skill. We try and make our sparring relevant to street based scenarios. Whether its competition, or simply a more healthy and balanced mind and body, our curriculum has been designed to provide the tools necessary for you to reach your individual goals.

This weeks training schedule
Filipino Martial Arts Seminar
Training Defence Concepts (DefCon)
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"Our mission is to empower people from all walks of life by helping them become the best versions of themselves. Our classes are designed for all experience levels: from the absolute beginner, to contender, and everyone in between."