Integrated Defence Concepts

TheFightLab is Huddersfield's premier reality based self defence venue and we have experience training both the public, security, hospital & police staff. Our syllabus is designed to be usable immediately without years of honing. This is a highly efficient & effective martial art with its no-nonsense approach to dealing with an attacker that is armed or unarmed. Many times, the limbs of the opponent are targeted for destruction in a bid to render their ability to attack further limited or useless. Some favourite tools include head butts, finger jabs, claws, palms, slaps, forearm strikes, hammer fists, knuckle fists, back fists, thumb gouges, fish hooks, shoulder butts, sweeps, bolo punches, clinching, ground fighting all types of elbows and knees and low kicks in combination with mainstream boxing punches.

Fundamental concepts of our curriculum

  • Technique – Learn how to protect yourself standing up & on the floor. Simplicity, directness, speed, power, and deceptiveness is our core philosophy.
  • External awareness to the environment – Where am I, what is happening?
  • Threat assessment – Is this situation dangerous?
  • Body boundaries – How close is someone getting/are they breaching the norms of social behaviour & how to manage an assailants distance by the use of the 'Fence'.


Dealing with life and death street violence is unfortunately a reality in our world.  'Integrated Defence Concepts' was born out of years of training in Muay Thai Boxing, Filipino Pangamut, Grappling and other reality based self defence systems. The aim is to take it into into a modern street combative structure. No point scoring, no tapouts...

You will learn:

  1. Striking: Striking-based training that is both defensive and offensive; emphasis on footwork and “close-range” fighting. Use of punches, elbows, hammer-fists, knees, kicks, headbutts and the Frame (see right).
  2. Street Grappling: Develop the skills for stand-up grappling (throws, takedowns etc.) as well as learning how to fight off the ground and regain your feet again.
  3. No-Rules Combat: Learn to face the worst possible scenarios against surprise attacks, multiple attackers, protecting others and weapons combat.

The Frame. The fundamental defensive tool of our syllabus.

Our teaching is built upon a foundation of experience, knowledge and a strong focus on self defence.

Integrated Defence Concepts (DEFCON) is an official association recognised self defence style and is a member of the Cobra Self Defence and The Cobra Martial Arts Association. Our instructor is licensed, DBS cleared and carry full UK public liability insurance and endorsement.

Our training philosophy, concepts and techniques are among the best around. We put the needs of our students and clients at the heart of everything we teach. If you are looking for self defence training that really works in the harsh reality of an actual attack or assault then DEFCON can help.

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